Natalia Goncharova Biography

Natalia Goncharova Biography

Natalia Sergeevna Goncharova was a prominent Russian painter and designer in the early 20th century. Her work influenced the avant-garde movement in Russia and contributed to Russian futurism, primitivism, and Rayonism. Goncharova was born on June 3, 1881, in Nagaevo. Her parents, both highly educated, gave Goncharova and her brother a thorough education. She graduated … Read more

10 Most Famous Russian Artists

Famous Russian Artists

For the average art lover many on this list of famous Russian artists would not exactly be household names yet there are some giants of the art world. While France and Italy dominate such movement as the Renaissance and Impressionism, Russia will be mostly remembered for producing the founder of abstract art Wassily Kandinsky. To … Read more

Was Van Gogh an Impressionist?

Was Van Gogh an Impressionist

An often debated topic in art is “was Van Gogh an Impressionist?” Van Gogh was a post-impressionist painter although his work did have some similarities to the impressionist style of painting. Post-impressionism was a reaction to the impressionist movement that was so prevalent in the late 19th century. Where the Impressionists sought to capture the … Read more

10 Most Famous Dutch Painters

Famous Dutch Painters

The contribution to the art world by the great Dutch masters cannot be underestimated, they produced a massive volume of paintings in the 17th century spanning many different genres. Although many famous painters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer are associated with the Dutch Golden age of painting the Netherlands has also produced such giants of … Read more

10 Most Famous Oil Painters

Famous Oil Painters

Oil-based paints were used by some of the most prominent artists in history. Historians have uncovered evidence that oil-based paints were used as early as the 7th century, but they wouldn’t become prevalent throughout the known world until much later in the 1400’s. Using oil painting methods, artists were able to produce works that were … Read more

10 Most Famous Female Artists and Painters

Famous Female Artists

Throughout most of history men have dominated the art scene, it is only in the last several hundred years that female artists have had the opportunity to blossom and pursue art as a career. For many of the women listed here the path to becoming a famous female artists was wrought with both personal struggles … Read more

10 Most Famous Contemporary Artists

Famous Contemporary Artists

To the general public the term contemporary artists will generally mean any artists that is alive and working today. However contemporary art it is often confused with modern art and it is a fairly easy mistake to make considering that in the English language the two words are often assumed to mean the same thing. … Read more

10 Most Famous Collage Artists

Famous Collage Artists

The majority of early collage artists would have had strong roots in the Dada art movement. However, it’s origins are somewhat earlier and has long been attributed to Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. Collage art has allowed artist to break free from the more traditional 2D forms on canvas and not only add an extra … Read more

7 Most Famous Pastel Artists and Paintings

Famous Pastel Artists

As a medium pastel painting has been somewhat overlooked in the history books. Without doubt oil paints have dominated for hundreds of years with watercolor and acrylics firmly behind it. Yet pastel whether it is oil pastel or chalk pastel as a medium has been largely underappreciated. There are plenty of pastel artists over the … Read more

10 Most Famous 20th Century Artists and Paintings

Famous 20th Century Artists

The 20th century heralded a significant shift in the art world and the most famous 20th century artists leave behind a massive collection of famous art that spans many different movements. Their contribution to the advancement of art cannot be underestimated. Not only did the simple medium brush and canvas see a plethora of new … Read more