Paintings of Native Americans – 10 Most Famous

Famous Paintings of Native Americans

Native American heritage and customs have long been some of the most intriguing and captivating bits of culture in the world. The natural and somewhat wild way of life that many Native American tribes practiced across every corner of the North American continent was something that drew attention and fascination from European countries that had … Read more

10 Most Famous Demon Paintings

Famous Demon Paintings

Humanity has long been fascinated with the idea of a spiritual realm that’s invisible to our mortal eyes, yet exists in the same reality that we live in. Religions across the world all teach of the perils that come with a lifestyle that’s filled with evil deeds and some even equate a person’s malevolent actions … Read more

10 Most Famous Animal Paintings

Famous Animal Paintings

The world’s diverse wildlife populations have captured the imaginations of humans for thousands of years. We are intrinsically tied to animals in order to survive and there are a number of ways that animals and humans are connected. For many centuries, people from different parts of the world were only able to see certain species … Read more

10 Most Famous Civil War Paintings

Famous Civil War Paintings

The American Civil War was the most volatile time in the nation’s history as the people were divided both geographically and philosophically. One side supporting a smaller form of government that upheld the rights for states to allow such practices as slavery while the other advocated for a more centralized federal leadership that sought to … Read more

10 Most Famous Revolutionary War Paintings

Famous Revolutionary War Paintings

The American Revolutionary War is among the most famous rebellions in all of human history as it was the starting point for the establishment of a new, sovereign nation among the largely uncharted and untamed territory of the New World. The differences between British and American forces had been brewing for many years before finally … Read more

10 Most Famous George Washington Paintings

Famous George Washington Paintings

George Washington is one of the most famous figures in American history. He is credited as one of the nation’s founding fathers and played a crucial role in the war against Britain, as well as the early development of the United States. Since then, artists all over the world have sought to immortalize Washington in … Read more

10 Most Famous Autumn Paintings

Famous Autumn Paintings

Autumn is a beautiful season of the year. The leaves start to change color and the weather cools down. This makes for some great painting inspiration. In this post, we share some beautiful fall paintings from a variety of different artists. Autumn paintings are a great way to celebrate the changing seasons. Artists often use … Read more

Paintings of Men – 10 Most Famous

Famous Paintings of Men

The human form has long fascinated many artists throughout the thousands of years in recent history. Going back as far as the early Renaissance, artists were collaborating with medical professionals to examine the human body and gain a better understanding of how they could more accurately portray it to their viewers. Over the centuries, different … Read more

10 Most Famous Cat Paintings

Famous Cat Paintings

Humanity has long held a special sense of curiosity as it relates to felines. These sly, mysterious creatures have been deified in some of the world’s most amazing cultures while they are also viewed as being connected with evil according to other civilized societies. All of these facts prove that humans have always had a … Read more

10 Most Famous Dog Paintings

Famous Dog Paintings

Dogs have long been considered one of the most valuable of the many different domesticated animals. They are kept as simple pets, but many canines have a much higher purpose as they are trained to assist in everything from emergency rescue efforts to sniffing out dangerous criminals. Throughout history, there have been artists who have … Read more