10 Most Famous Christmas Paintings

Famous Christmas Paintings

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays throughout the world. It has slightly evolved throughout the years as certain cultures change, but the overall purpose and theme has remained intact. This holiday has been one that Christians have observed for many centuries and it was widely popular even before the Italian Renaissance era. Artists … Read more

10 Most Famous Nativity Paintings

Famous Nativity Paintings

The Christian religion has long been tied to art movements that have taken place in Europe and in the Western Hemisphere. Since the Italian Renaissance, artists have used their skills to portray various elements and themes related to the Christmas holiday that occurs in late December. While certain cultures have changed the ways they celebrate … Read more

10 Most Famous Cow Paintings

Famous Cow Paintings

Cattle have long been a part of human history throughout much of the known world. A cave painting from up to 40,000 years ago still stands in Borneo and represents depictions of humans and cattle that many historians point to as the earliest form of figurative artwork in history. In fact, there are many other … Read more

10 Most Famous Scary Paintings for Halloween

Famous Scary Paintings

Centuries ago, paintings were one of the few ways that artists could convey visual messages and images to their viewers. Throughout history, there have been a litany of different works that focused on various themes from life and death to love, nature, and many other facets of human life. Some painters produced works that touched … Read more

10 Most Famous Leonardo da Vinci Paintings

Leonardo da Vinci Paintings

Leonardo da Vinci was a famous renaissance artist who created many paintings, sculptures and inventions. Da Vinci’s paintings are some of the greatest ever created and draw millions of viewers worldwide every year. He is considered to be one of the most intelligent people of all time. His intelligence and talent had a profound impact … Read more

10 Most Famous Picasso Paintings

pablo picasso paintings

Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter, sculptor, and printmaker. He is one of the most recognized artists of the 20th century. He has made an indelible influence on popular culture and modern art. Picasso’s artistic style changed throughout his career, but he always maintained a unique insight into the human condition that would never be … Read more

10 Most Famous Vincent Van Gogh Paintings

van gogh paintings

Vincent Van Gogh was a famous Dutch post-impressionist painter. His paintings are characterized by dramatic color, thick brushstrokes and heavy textures. Van Gogh’s paintings can be classified into two periods: the early (1880-1886) and the late (1887-90). During his first period, Van Gogh painted mostly in black and white with some hints of color. The … Read more

Paintings of Native Americans – 10 Most Famous

Famous Paintings of Native Americans

Native American heritage and customs have long been some of the most intriguing and captivating bits of culture in the world. The natural and somewhat wild way of life that many Native American tribes practiced across every corner of the North American continent was something that drew attention and fascination from European countries that had … Read more

10 Most Famous Horse Paintings

Famous Horse Paintings

Horses have played a major role in human development and history for thousands of years. It’s believed that the horse was first domesticated by certain nomadic cultures that lived in Eastern Europe as many as 3,000 years ago. Horses quickly became the most prominent means of transportation for much of the world up to 1,000 … Read more

10 Most Famous Sad Paintings

Famous Sad Paintings

Melancholy and sadness have been the focus of many artists throughout human history. Sadness is an emotion that seems to overtake the human psyche and lead to an overall sense of desolation that is very hard to come out of for many. Artists have used various mediums to express certain degrees of sadness and some … Read more