10 Most Famous Realism Paintings

Famous Realism Paintings

One of the most iconic art styles in history is known as Realism. The movement began around 1850 after many of the artists during this period sought to portray life as it really was instead of embellishing scenes and events in a way that distorted reality. Realism painting allowed artists to largely center their works … Read more

Roy Lichtenstein Crying Girl Pop Art

Crying Girl Pop Art

The Crying Girl is a pop art painting by Roy Lichtenstein first painted in 1963 with the original version a lithograph on lightweight, off-white wove paper, measured 16 by 24 inches, the second version was painted a year later in 1964 and was porcelain enamel on steel measuring 46 by 46 inches. Roy Lichtenstein was … Read more

Pop Art Words

Pop Art Words

Pop Art bridged the gap between the worlds of fine art and mass media or commercial art, the emergence of pop art words as a spin off from Roy Lichtenstein’s first forays into comic strip inspired pop art images is somewhat of a strange one. In many ways Lichtenstein’s images were a parody of the … Read more

10 Most Famous Ocean Paintings

Famous Ocean Paintings

The Ocean covers almost three-quarters of the Earth’s surface and has long been a central focus and source of inspiration for many of the most famous painters throughout history. The ocean, like any other creature of a person, seems to have its own personality with characteristics like anger, excitement, calamity, gentleness, and other qualities. Many … Read more

10 Most Famous Fruit Paintings

Famous Fruit Paintings

Natural objects have always been among the most popular subjects focused upon by some of the greatest artists throughout history. Fruit has long been a central focus by the most accomplished artists as it represents life and nature in a vibrant, unique and colorful way when compared to other still-life objects. Fruit are commonly used … Read more

10 Most Famous Japanese Paintings

Famous Japanese Paintings

Japanese culture is one that boasts a very rich history which extends well into its artistic influences. The country was for a long time isolated from the rest of the world in many ways, but a bustling, distinctive style of painting still managed to find its way to the rest of the world. Japanese culture … Read more

10 Most Famous French Paintings

Many of the world’s greatest artists have hailed from France. The country has long been known as a bastion of artistic inclination and French painters have produced some of the most famous paintings ever created. From artists like Vincent Van Gogh to Claude Monet, French painting is widely considered to be full of the most … Read more

10 Most Famous Nude Paintings

Famous Nude Paintings

Throughout history, the artists have been fascinated by the human figure and viewed it as one of the most elegantly beautiful subjects one can focus their attention on. With most of the famous painters up until the 20th century being men, the nude female figure has been a focal point that has consistently spanned many … Read more

10 Most Famous Romantic Paintings

Famous Romantic Paintings

Art is inherently driven by the deepest of human emotions. Romance has long been represented in nearly every type of art form across the world in one way or another. Artists have taken their own passionate feelings toward their significant other, or used inspiration from other couples and individuals to portray what many consider to … Read more

10 Most Famous Nature Paintings

Famous Nature Paintings

Throughout human history, much of our art can be traced back to depictions of nature in some form or another. Many of the most popular styles of painting have all touched on natural scenes including animals, landscapes, trees, flowers and nearly anything else found in the wild beauty of Earth. Some of the greatest artists … Read more