10 Most Famous Mountain Paintings

Famous Mountain Paintings

Landscape and nature paintings have been some of the most popular genres for artists throughout human history. It’s clear that mountains often serve as a symbol for a variety of things in art such as a powerful obstacle, continuity, God, and many other things. Artists from all across the world have often used mountains in … Read more

10 Most Famous Flower Paintings

Famous Flower Paintings

Throughout human history, flowers have been a central focus of artists from all over the world. Their effortless beauty and passionate colors are both symbolic and representative of nature’s majestic elemental beauty. The seemingly endless numbers of different flower varieties are another reason why so many artists have been intrigued with capturing their essence through … Read more

Paintings of Women – 10 Most Famous

Famous Paintings of Women

Throughout history, artists have focused on the incredible beauty of the female figure. Many of the world’s greatest painters were largely enthralled in creating works that captured women in their most beautiful state. Many of the paintings that many art historians and critics consider to be among the best works of all time are those … Read more

10 Most Famous Dark Paintings

Famous Dark Paintings

Some of the most notable paintings ever created have been done around the subject of that which humans consider to be darkness. This element of darkness is representative of evil as this metaphor seems to translate throughout any culture and language barrier in existence. Many of the most celebrated painters throughout history have dabbled in … Read more

10 Most Famous Red Paintings

Famous Red Paintings

Red is arguably one of the most controversial colors in the entire spectrum. It was one of the first colors that humans managed to perfect the method of reproducing in different hues using red ochre material. The color has been the symbol of powerful kings and has even been vilified during times like the Protestant … Read more

10 Most Famous Black and White Paintings

Famous Black and White Paintings

Many of the most famous paintings in the world were done in stark, black and white medium. Artists throughout history have used black and white paintings to emphasize various contrasting ideals or realities from our world. Many of these paintings emphasize the contrast of black and white paintings through the lens of white often representing … Read more

10 Most Famous Blue Paintings

Famous Blue Paintings

The color blue is known universally as one which exhibits a sense of calming and relaxation. It is associated with the stillness of the night, as well as the rhythmic, calming character of the ocean and water itself. Throughout history, various artists have created iconic works that heavily feature the color blue. Many of these … Read more

10 Most Famous Colorful Paintings

Famous Colorful Paintings

One of the most eye-catching aspects of any masterful painting is the colors used by the artist. Throughout history, there have been numerous styles of painting and various art movements that have focused on colors in differing lights, intensities, and contrasts, but the ability to captivate the viewer with an array of colors is a … Read more

10 Most Famous Ship Paintings

Famous Ship Paintings

One of the most iconic painting niches in the world is that of ship paintings. For centuries, the world’s seas were dominated by various nations who sent trading vessels and warships out into the blue horizon. Over many years, these ships became the lifeblood of the economies of certain countries like Portugal and Great Britain, … Read more

10 Most Famous Rococo Paintings

Rococo Paintings

The Rococo movement is one that came about due to shifting social climate in France during the early 18th century after the death of King Louis XIV in 1715. Many of the families and members of the ruling class and social elites moved away from the royal palace in Versailles after the king’s death and … Read more