10 Most Famous Ship Paintings

Famous Ship Paintings

One of the most iconic painting niches in the world is that of ship paintings. For centuries, the world’s seas were dominated by various nations who sent trading vessels and warships out into the blue horizon. Over many years, these ships became the lifeblood of the economies of certain countries like Portugal and Great Britain, … Read more

10 Most Famous Rococo Paintings

Rococo Paintings

The Rococo movement is one that came about due to shifting social climate in France during the early 18th century after the death of King Louis XIV in 1715. Many of the families and members of the ruling class and social elites moved away from the royal palace in Versailles after the king’s death and … Read more

10 Most Famous Medieval Paintings

Famous Medieval Paintings

The medieval period was one that featured the rise of small kingdoms across much of Europe, especially in areas that were once ruled by the Roman Empire. The fall of Rome’s might marked the beginning of the medieval era, which lasted until roughly 1500 A.D. During this one thousand-year period, artwork throughout the areas surrounding … Read more

10 Iconic Cubist Portraits

Cubist Portraits

Cubism is an art movement that transformed the manner in which artists expressed themselves during the 20th century. It was aimed at venturing into new and unexplored territory pertaining to depth, perception, as well as the many different dimensions with which a viewer can perceive a single object or scene. The art movement influenced everything … Read more

10 Most Famous Chinese Paintings

Famous Chinese Paintings

China is one of the most culturally unique nations on Earth and this fact is evident through the country’s storied art history. Dating back thousands of years, Chinese art focused on many different areas including landscapes, animals, and other beauties that were depicted with careful detail. The most popular style of Chinese painting is considered … Read more

10 Most Famous Hell Paintings

Famous Paintings of Hell

Humans have always been fascinated and terrified by the idea of a dark underworld. Many of the world’s religions teach of these places in various forms with horrifying details and warnings to those who don’t live in accordance with their teachings. Artists have been enthralled with the idea of hell as they are known to … Read more

10 Most Famous Romanticism Paintings

Famous Romanticism Paintings

Romanticism was a movement that dominated many areas across art, literature, music and other genres during the 18th and 19th centuries. Many art scholars and historians see the movement as a response to the changes and innovations of the Industrial Revolution. The movement reached what many consider to be its peak around the middle of … Read more

10 Most Famous Angel Paintings

Famous Angel Paintings

Some of the greatest paintings in history have featured the subject of angels. During the Italian Renaissance period, many of the most well-known artists regularly incorporated depictions of angels into their masterpieces. Since that time, artists and art lovers alike have held a strong fascination with the heavenly beings. Artists like Michelangelo, Raphael and others … Read more

10 Most Famous Baroque Paintings

Famous Baroque Paintings

Baroque paintings make up some of the most notable works of art history as many of the artists from the movement are known as some of the most masterful painters of all time. The Baroque movement stems from the period in history during the 16th and 17th centuries when the Catholic church experienced what many … Read more

10 Most Famous Hispanic Paintings

Famous Hispanic Paintings

Hispanic culture has a unique flair that it all its own. This peculiar type of cultural flavor is reflected in everything from the region’s architecture to its music, and especially the artwork. Many of the most masterful Hispanic painters have created styles and works of art that have left a lasting impact on the rest … Read more