10 Most Famous French Paintings

Many of the world’s greatest artists have hailed from France. France long been known as a bastion of artistic inclination and French painters have produced some of the most famous paintings ever created. Artists like Claude Monet, Édouard Manet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Henri Matisse, and Paul Cezanne French painting is considered to be full of the … Read more

10 Most Famous Nude Paintings

Famous Nude Paintings

Throughout history, the artists have been fascinated by the human figure and viewed it as one of the most elegantly beautiful subjects one can focus their attention on. With most of the famous painters up until the 20th century being men, the nude female figure has been a focal point that has consistently spanned many … Read more

10 Most Famous Romantic Paintings

Famous Romantic Paintings

Art is inherently driven by the deepest of human emotions. Romance has long been represented in nearly every type of art form across the world in one way or another. Artists have taken their own passionate feelings toward their significant other, or used inspiration from other couples and individuals to portray what many consider to … Read more

10 Most Famous Nature Paintings

Famous Nature Paintings

Throughout human history, much of our art can be traced back to depictions of nature in some form or another. Many of the most popular styles of painting have all touched on natural scenes including animals, landscapes, trees, flowers and nearly anything else found in the wild beauty of Earth. Some of the greatest artists … Read more

10 Most Famous Still Life Paintings

Famous Still Life Paintings

Still life painting began to take hold in the art world sometime during the 16th century, according to most historians. In a time when other artists were still focused on painting portraits of religious and historical significance, still life works began to appear as a unique method of bringing new focus and meaning to seemingly … Read more

10 Most Famous Portrait Paintings

Famous Portrait Paintings

Portrait painting is widely considered to be the most difficult form of painting as it requires a keen acuity for portraying the human form in an extreme level of detail. Portraits are focused on one or more human subjects with most of the emphasis being placed on the upper portion of the body. Some of … Read more

10 Most Famous Oil Paintings

Famous Oil Paintings

Some of the greatest masterpieces of all time have been produced through the means of oil painting. Many of the most famous Renaissance painters used oil to create the lasting impressions that have long been held in such high esteem as Leonardo da Vinci, the works of Rembrandt, Vincent Van Gogh, and many others. According … Read more

10 Most Famous Jesus Paintings

Paintings of Jesus

Paintings of Jesus Christ have occupied a prominent role in the art world for close on 1500 years. Many commissions by the rich and wealthy all trying to prove their faith and muster influence with the church use Jesus Christ as the central role or theme. Practically all of the renaissance masters have several of … Read more

9 Most Famous Acrylic Paintings and Artists

Famous Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic painting is one of the most well-known art mediums in history. This type of paint was especially attractive to artists in the mid-twentieth century due to its fast-drying ability and the fact that painters discovered that they could simply do more with acrylic than with older, traditional oil paints. Unlike oil paint, acrylic is … Read more

10 Most Famous Landscape Paintings

Famous Landscape Paintings

Throughout history landscape painting always struggled for recognition and it was not until the 17th century that it truly started to be appreciated. Prior to this historical, religious and portraits of the rich and powerful dominated the art world. However, it was during the 18th/19th century that the genre really found favor, movements such as … Read more