Romanticism vs Realism – What’s the Difference?

Romanticism vs Realism

Few art movements had as much of an impact on the trajectory of art and painting since the Renaissance era as Romanticism and Realism. These two art periods took place in the 19th century and were heavily influenced by the new and fast-evolving world that had been transformed by the Industrial Revolution. Artists began to … Read more

Naturalism vs Realism Art – What’s the Difference?

Naturalism vs Realism

The two art movements that are recognized today as Naturalism and Realism are very similar on the surface as the two share many points of interest and key areas that portray the world around them in an accurate, truthful manner. However, these art forms also have some differences that separates them from one another. It … Read more

Rococo vs Neoclassical Art

Rococo vs Neoclassical Art

The art movements of the Rococo and Neoclassical movements featured a few styles of painting that followed after one another in terms of the specific time periods, but the two forms of artistic expression had much more differences than similarities. These art styles originated beginning in the 17th and 18th centuries and represented a social … Read more

Early Renaissance vs High Renaissance

Early Renaissance vs High Renaissance

The Renaissance period is considered one of the movements that had the most influence over the many eras that followed after it. The period was aptly-named as the Renaissance virtually means “rebirth.” Many of the most prominent artists from this time are still regarded as being among the greatest painters of all time. Despite the … Read more

How To Start Drawing

How To Start Drawing

Drawing is a rewarding, relaxing, and fun skill that anyone can learn. In most cases, drawing means that you make marks on a surface. If you can manage to write words on paper, you can also draw the items you see. All you have to know is that most of the artists you admire have … Read more

Can Anyone Learn to Draw?

Can Anyone Learn to Draw

Are you wondering whether it is possible to learn how to draw with zero talent? The answer is yes. While to some, drawing is an inborn talent, scientists have ascertained that this skill can be developed to proficiency level through learning, training, and practice. Besides, even talented artists attend school to improve on their skills … Read more

Sketch vs Drawing – What’s the Difference?

Sketch vs Drawing

If you are just starting out on your quest to become a better artist you might be confused as to the difference between a sketch vs drawing. Across the history of art, all throughout the world, there have been a number of great artists who began many of their most famous masterpieces as a simple … Read more

How to Practice Drawing

How to Practice Drawing

Learning to draw doesn’t always have to be done in a formal art class. There are countless online resources that one can use now to significantly improve their drawing skills. Many of these online resources are filled with information that artists from just a few decades ago would have been required to pay for in … Read more

29 Drawing Ideas for Your Sketch Book

Drawing Ideas

If you find yourself asking what should I draw today? Then look no further as our list of drawing ideas has more than enough drawing inspiration for any budding artist. One thing is for certain staring at a blank piece of paper is not very inspirational. So; What to draw? Start with some everyday objects. … Read more

Neoclassicism vs Romanticism – What’s the Difference?

Neoclassicism vs Romanticism

During the early to mid-18th century, two different art movements emerged in Europe and would run parallel to one another for a number of years, shaping the course of artistic expression. Neoclassicism was defined by its very close adherence to the ideals and practices of Greek and Roman traditions while Romanticism was a genre that … Read more