Neoclassicism vs Romanticism – What’s the Difference?

Neoclassicism vs Romanticism

During the early to mid-18th century, two different art movements emerged in Europe and would run parallel to one another for a number of years, shaping the course of artistic expression. Neoclassicism was defined by its very close adherence to the ideals and practices of Greek and Roman traditions while Romanticism was a genre that … Read more

Realism vs Abstract Art – What’s the Difference?

Realism vs Abstract

Throughout human history, there have been numerous movements within the art community that have been influenced by artists and their aspirations in creating works that communicate a range of meanings. Over the course of the last several hundred years, two specific forms of artistic expression have dominated various styles all over the world—Realism and Abstract … Read more

Baroque vs Rococo – What’s the Difference?

Baroque vs Rococo

The early 17th century was a time of grandiose architecture, painting, and other aesthetic elements as the Baroque movement began to emerge early in the 1600’s. The art style would last well into the next century before another peculiar style of expression called Rococo took the place of the once extravagant Baroque methods of expression. … Read more

Italian Renaissance vs Northern Renaissance

Italian Renaissance vs Northern Renaissance

The Renaissance period of art had an overwhelming impact on the history of artistic expression throughout Europe and the rest of the world since its inception in the 15th century. While there is a much heavier focus on the Italian Renaissance, many casual art enthusiasts are largely unaware of the movement that is referred to … Read more

Renaissance vs Baroque Art – What’s the Difference?

Renaissance vs Baroque Art

One of the most popular and influential times in art history began in what is known as the Renaissance period, which began in the 1400’s in Italy and would later spread to other areas of Europe. The Renaissance is arguably the most famous time period in human history as many of the skilled artists worked … Read more

Modern vs Contemporary Art

Modern vs Contemporary Art

Art from the Contemporary and Modern art movements have impacted the world as a whole in everything from films and music to graphic design and other areas. Many art enthusiasts unknowingly describe art from the 20th century onward as “modern” art, but the style of Modern art has many hallmarks that set it apart from … Read more

21 Claude Monet Quotes

Claude Monet Quotes

Claude Monet was is considered the leading figure in the Impressionism art movement. He was born in Paris on the 14th of November, 1840. Like most modern artists at the time his work was rejected by the established art world and it would be several years before he would be considered an established artist. The … Read more

15 Interesting Claude Monet Facts

Claude Monet Facts

Claude Monet is one of the world’s most famous artists, known for capturing the French countryside’s true essence like no other painter ever has. He was born in 1840 and died less than a month after his 86th birthday in 1926. Nearly a century after his death, Monet’s paintings are still sought globally by art … Read more

17 Georgia O’Keeffe Quotes

Georgia O’Keeffe Quotes

Georgia O’Keeffe was considered as the pioneer of American modernism. Both her art and her life has captured the hearts of the art world for many decades. Born on dairy farm in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin on November 15th, 1887 O’Keeffe was encouraged by her parents to pursue her at from a very young age. Although … Read more

Georgia O’Keeffe Facts

Georgia O’Keeffe Facts

Georgia O’Keeffe, born Georgia Totto O’Keeffe, was an American artist. She was best known for her paintings of close-up views of flowers, although she also painted New Mexico landscapes and New York skyscrapers. Georgia O’Keeffe has been acknowledged as the mother of American modernism. Her work is considered some of the greatest America paintings of the … Read more