10 Most Famous Harlem Renaissance Artists

Harlem Renaissance Artists

The Harlem Renaissance was likely one of the most pivotal moments in art history for the United States for a number of reasons. The movement began in the early 1920’s and would last for a few decades into the 1940’s, according to some art historians. It was a time in which African American artists exhibited … Read more

10 Most Famous Black Female Artists

Famous Black Female Artists

During the Harlem Renaissance and beyond the Civil Rights movement, black women began to emerge as artists that were capable of breaking through the barriers that had once held them back from fame and notoriety. Many Black female artists began to find the courage to stick with their artistic expression and pursue studying at institutions … Read more

10 Most Famous Native American Artists

Famous Native American Artists

The robust and often-colorful traditional art of the many Native American tribes from across North America are known to have contributed greatly to some aspects of American culture. While the untrained mind might view Native American art as being limited to mere pottery, feathers and rock walls, the truth about modern art from various Native … Read more

10 Most Famous African American Artists

Famous African American Artists

American art and culture is one of the most unique of any geographical region in the world for the simple fact that the country has been a melting pot of various nations and ethnicities since it was founded centuries ago. African American culture has played a profound role in the formation of American culture as … Read more

10 Most Famous Italian Renaissance Artists

Famous Italian Renaissance Artists

The Italian Renaissance was a time that is remembered as one of the most influential periods in history when it comes to its many contributions to the world of art. The Italian Renaissance was a time that painters began to focus more heavily on areas like perspective, composition, light and dark, and a number of … Read more

10 Most Famous Abstract Expressionism Artists

Famous Abstract Expressionism Artists

Abstract Expressionism is one of the most peculiar art movements to have come out of the many different modern-day schools of artistic thought and expression. The movement began to spring up out of societal changes that coincided with the final weeks and months of World War II. This time was one in which people from … Read more

10 Most Famous Rococo Artists

Rococo Artists

The Rococo art movement began as the Baroque period came to an end in Europe during the early 18th century. Originating in France, the Rococo movement started as a clear departure from the influences of French Classicism. King Louis XIV’s death in 1715 marked the end of an era for many wealthy French families as … Read more

10 Iconic French Impressionists

French Impressionists

The Impressionist movement is one of the most influential periods of artistic expression since the Italian Renaissance. In the centuries preceding Impressionism, Europe had experienced a series of art movements that were connected to either the Catholic church, or more classical Greek and Roman styles, as well as the Renaissance. Most of the works from … Read more

10 Most Famous British Artists and Painters

Famous British Artists

Over the last several hundred years British artists have left a massive mark on the world of art. They first found fame in the Romanticism movement in the late 18th century with Turner and Constable both of which captured the essence of rural life in the UK with their landscape paintings. In recent times it … Read more

10 Most Famous Drawing Artists

Famous Drawing Artists

Drawing has been an integral part of human artistic expression for thousands of years. From the earliest cave drawings to modern day artwork that’s done in pencil, drawing has long been closely connected to our cultures and ways of life. While painting is mostly considered to be the more popular form of artistic expression, drawing … Read more